tourbuswrap A late night wrapping for EA Sports. This tour bus had to leave town the following morning.

Vehicle Wraps

Providing services to countless clients from Fortune 500 Companies to independent local businesses, OMGWraps takes care of your custom vehicle wrap needs from design to print to installation. The benefit of working with Omgwraps is that well vetted graphic designers custom fit your vehicles with artwork that can be seamlessly applied in-house by our certified 3M Preferred installers. Our turnkey services are all done under one roof, or we can come to your location when your needs have to be met in a short time.

As a form of advertising, vehicle wraps have been proven to offer the lowest cost per impression value out of any other marketing option. One vehicle wrap with an effective design can generate millions of impressions per year as your company gets noticed continuously day in and day out. OmgWraps offers vehicle wrap design and carbon fiber vinyl wrap installation services for car, SUVs, food trucks, vans, trucks, box rucks, buses, fleets, limos, tour buses and more.

Graphic Design

Our designers have worked for over twenty years in marketing and communications including: commercial print media, trademark and logo design, PR branding and advertising. Our designers know how to effectively brand a company within specific media types. We use Apple based design systems to highlight the defining characteristics of a client’s business and image to create a unique design approach. Our process includes refining the design based on any suggestions or input that our clients may have until a final design is approved.

OMGWraps has a design team that is in-house and works directly with the team for installation. Our staff members understand every aspect of this highly specialized design experience and ensure that branding effectively markets the clients’ company, business or product while using the most current sophisticated techniques. Each member of our team brings a wealth of experience and we work together to address all of our client needs.

Color Change

For those looking for a more subtle, personal solution to style and efficiency we also offer color change and texture wraps. Whether your taste is for a brushed black metal or pearlescent white, we can wrap your vehicle with a finer gloss than a new paint job could provide at a far lower price scale while protecting your OEM paint job for up to 5 years. OMG Wraps works exclusively with 3M Materials, Avery & Oracle Products installed by leading professionals in the field.

We can change your automotive color without paint in less than two days offering a large assortment of vinyl wraps as well as carbon fiber vinyl wraps and also textures; including matte, gloss, chrome, brush metal and pearl finishes. Color changes can be removed at any time returning the vehicle to its original finish or changed over and over to suit your personal style or marketing needs in a cost and time efficient manner. Original Mobile Graphic Wraps color change installation services are certified by 3M.

Large Format Printing
OMGWraps not only offers in-house format printing of vehicle wraps but we also produce marketing materials for all of your complimentary advertisement methods. As a one-stop-shop, we can deliver a consistent look and feel for your advertisement strategy by providing design & print services for any of the following products:

Digital Banners
Screen Printed Banners
Logos & Trademarks
Wall Murals
Business Cards
Car Decals

OMGWraps guarantees highest quality and highest resolution that the industry has to offer for virtually any item printed on vinyl, paper, canvas or fabric. Our print technicians utilize HP Latex state of the art large format printers (i.e. Epson Eco Solvent Printers 60″ & HP 365 Latex Printers). We boast the capability to print up to any size in a variation of quantities to suit your needs. Take a well thought out and thorough approach with our professional print products for all of your marketing and branding ideas.

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